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Here’s some more sexy art from the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival…

I found myself captivated with the couple in this piece of art entitled ‘Woven’ by fine art photographer Craig Stocks.

Here’s what I fictionalized about it: (After my version you’ll get the real story)

When Hannah saw the flyer on the wall by the bathroom of her favorite coffee shop, she took a picture of it and texted it to her husband Hank with the caption: Let’s do this .

And now they were at the photographer’s studio: an empty room with a spot- lit, black box in the middle.

Another couple, young, inked and so obviously in love, emerged from the back corner of the studio looking like they had just pulled their clothes on, which they had. They were giddy and glowing as they held hands and hurried out the studio door.

The photographer was a man.  Why couldn’t it have been a woman? Hannah thought as she fumbled with the top button of her blouse that she spent all week picking out which was so ridiculous, as her sister pointed out, since she and Hank were going  be photographed naked, something she’d never done, but wanted to do, or so she had thought.

She was so nervous she felt like she was going to throw up.

The photographers name was Paul, like Paul Simon she thought.  He was short, soft voiced and unassuming as he extended his hand that was soft like a priest’s when she shook it

“I’ve scheduled 15 minutes for each couple,” he said. “I work best with the clock ticking. Undress over there,” he pointed to the corner of the room . There was no dressing room, not even a curtain, just two metal chairs.

Hank cleared his throat as they walked over.  “This excites you?” he said through a tight jaw. Hank was as nervous as she was but it was presenting itself, as most of his emotions did lately, as anger.

“Not yet,” she said with a nervous laugh. She swallowed hard.  Her belly was churning with so many emotions but fear was the biggest and not just about the prospect of taking off her clothes and being photographed, but for her marriage.  She had convinced herself that they needed something a little outrageous. They needed something. The couples therapy, the tepid date nights, the $200 lingerie…nothing so far was really helping.

It was so fucking awkward as they slipped off their clothes.

“I just want this to be over,” Hank said as he strode towards the box.

The bigger implications of his statement hit her like a slap in the face.  Hannah crossed her arms over her breasts and followed.  Absurdly (her subconscious had a bizarre sense of humor) the song Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover started playing in her head.

Hop on the bus Gus.

Paul Simon went behind his tripod and made some adjustments. “I want you to hold each other,” he said.

They stood in front of the box and hugged like a couple of siblings who hadn’t worked through their rivalry.

“Great,” Paul said not meaning it.  Click. “How long have you been married?”

“Married ten. Together for twelve,” Hank said sighting their statistics like the accountant that he was.

“How is it going?” Paul asked. “Being married for ten, together for twelve? Hank…It’s Hank right? Sit on the box.  Hannah circle him… find your place with him.”

Hank cleared his throat, sat down, bent one leg to cover his cock and said nothing.

No need to be coy Roy played on her head

Hannah didn’t know where her place was with him was anymore.  She settled for standing behind him with her hands on his shoulders.

“Great,” Paul said again unconvincingly.  Click.  “Hank… grab one of her hands and bring her around front. “So whose idea was this anyway?”

“Mine,” Hannah said as she stepped forward.

“I want you to lie back over his lap Hannah,” Paul directed.  “Drape yourself over him like silk cloth. “Beautiful.”  Click. Click

“Hold her Hank, support her.”  Her right leg bent as he slipped a hand beneath it.

“Hannah, what do you want?  Right now.  It can be anything. What do you need?”

Click. click.

She felt the heat of the spotlight on her left breast and throat.  She let her head fall all the way back.

The words slipped out before she could stop them.

“I want to feel desired. I want to feel seen.”

“Look at her Hank. See her.” Hannah felt his arm slide tenderly beneath her. What do you see?” Click. Click

“She looks…unarmed.  No, sorry… shit, I’m not good at this kind of thing…uh…she looks… stunning.”

“Great,” Paul said sounding like he meant it this time.  Click, click, click.  “Beautiful, Hannah.”

“What about you, Hank? What do you need after ten years, together for twelve?”

The only sound was the hum of the spotlight.

“I want to feel free…”  he started.

Hannah felt her breath catch in her throat. Her eyes flooded.

Drop off the key Lee. And set yourself free.

“Or rather… care free… yeah, that’s what I want.  I want to feel carefree again.”

Hannah felt a tear trickle down her forehead and into her hairline. That was exactly what she missed but could never articulate, the him he was before the businesses, the mortgages, the unexpected death of his father. She put one hand lightly on his shoulder and the other dropped down and wrapped around his leg. She felt his arm wrap around her ankle.

woven resized

“Gorgeous.  Yes,” Paul said.   Click click click click click. “ Really great,” he said with a satisfied sigh.  “Okay, times up. Thanks. You can get dressed now.”

Neither one of them moved.


The real life story is even sexier…

When I contacted Craig to get permission to use Woven, he gave me a little backstory on the couple:

The models in Woven were in the studio to do a session for Craig’s company ArtModels360 and did a very similar pose.  After the main session they came back to that pose to do a fine art interpretation of it.  There are over 100 poses on the website featuring them either together or individually. Got to ArtsModels360 and look under the ‘Models’ category for Brenton and Rachel.
“I believe the two of them were simply friends who’s paths had crossed in the art live modeling world,” wrote Craig. “However, based on what I’ve seen on Facebook it appears they are now a couple.  Perhaps this session spurred that along somehow.”
I love it! Real life sexiness trumps erotic fiction.
Which is why I abandoned my erotic romance novel all those years ago and started writing erotic memoir.
Sexy Link: Check out Craig Stocks website  Man Cave Nudes where you can purchase some of his fine art nude photography wall art.  Super sexy images.  Go there!

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