Wild Irish Rose

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Wild Irish Rose

I had a lover in college who called me his Wild Irish Rose. He was even wilder and more Irish than me, so we never progressed beyond the fun sex and friendship.

The woods around my cabin are laced with the pink blossoms of wild roses right now. As I hike among them, my thoughts keep drifting to that time of my budding sexuality.

I was nineteen and hungry to explore my sexuality.  He was twenty-three, my Trustafarian roommate’s best friend, and happy to oblige.

I remember how my body craved sex , like chocolate but 100 times stronger.  I remember calling him him at 10:00 on a Friday night and saying, Come over.

A bootie call before the term was invented.

He arrived and helped himself to a bottle of vintage red wine from the Trustafarian’s stash. When we were naked in bed, he purposefully spilled it all over my breasts and proceeded to kiss it off.

My heart had no interest in love or a relationship.  My desire was purely carnal, driven by a lust to explore and learn more about all those wondrous sensations.  I was a bud craving just enough warmth to begin unfurling it’s petals. No more.

wild rose post unfurling

And now all these years later I find myself working with a publishing house to bring my nature-inspired erotic essays to print.  Because eventually my bud started to crave a heat that could make the sex transcendent. And when I found that in the arms of a sexy raft guide, I had no choice but to write it all down.

I’m not a young bud of sexual energy anymore.  But she is still in there, imprinted on my soul. My Wild Irish Rose is still driven by a lust to explore and learn, not just about sexuality anymore, but about love and spirituality and that heady, intensely sensual place where they all entangle.

So I am opening myself up to the world, blossoming into this erotic memoirist.


Sexy Prompt: Revisit your budding sexual self and tell me about her/him in the comments.


  1. This was such an amazing blog post…thanks so much for sharing…I am such a fan!

    • So glad you enjoyed the post, Ashley. So crazy…I posted this and the next day I got a phone call from him. We hadn’t connected in fifteen years. How wild is that?!

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