Super Moon Sexy

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Super Moon Sexy

A full moon rises over the red walls of Utah’s Desolation Canyon bathing me in light. Insomnia brought me down to the Green River in the middle of the night but my soul is keeping me here.

My husband sleeps in our joined sleeping bags at the top of this sandy beach camp. The other couple who joined us on this eight- day desert rafting adventure are tucked into their tent.

I have the river, the moon, the canyon and the expanse of this beach campsite all to myself. I don’t even consider going back to sleep. I fetch my water bottle and sarong and settle in for some sexy insomnia.

This year’s trip has been unseasonably warm with blue-sky, windless days in the 90’s.  It’s been bikini warm…



… the sun so intense,  I’ve had to cover myself in SPF clothing and a wide brim hat most of the time.

The canyon now radiates the day’s heat making our camp so balmy that I am perfectly comfortable in my black lace camisole and matching boy shorts. The moonlight isn’t going to burn my Irish skin, so I peel away my lace to better feel its ethereal glow on every inch of my bare skin.

I sit crossed legged on my sarong and let my tailbone and sex nestle into the sand beneath the soft, worn fabric.

I feel so held.

My hands grab opposite wrists as I circle my arms up and around to stretch the muscles of my shoulders and torso that have been striving to match my man’s paddle strokes that are so much stronger than mine. I breathe in rhythm with my arms’ orbit for several cycles before my awareness drops to the soreness in my lower back.

My hands come to rest on my knees. I continue to bring the circle of the moon into my body as I stir my spine around and around the thick brew of my pelvis. I lie back on my sarong and pause for a moment to luxuriate in this sensation of  being so deep within the earth’s embrace. The canyon walls are like the arms of a mother, a lover, or both, that cradle me in the warm sand.

My legs bend.  My feet dig into the sand.  The front of my hips lift up towards the moon for bridge pose.  My heart begs to follow.  I place my hands on either side of my head and lift up into a backbend.

A warm breeze flutters across my breasts, my belly and between my thighs. My stance widens, inviting it, inviting her, deeper.  My bud quivers from the caress.

I am a red stone arch.



I am a rainbow.



I am a woman opened and full like the moon.

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  1. Love the last line and image! Open!

    • Hey Jude,

      Yes, the deeper I go into a desert river canyon the more open I become.

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for taking me there…

    • Marie! So sexy to find you here. Thanks for joining me…

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