Spring Meltdown

Posted by on Jun 5, 2013 in Relationship Sexy

Spring Meltdown

Me. Alone. At the cabin.

It’s become a spring ritual.

Last year I had a spring run off.  This year I’m having a spring meltdown.

I’m not having one of those emotional meltdowns where I feel like I’m losing it and desperately dialing sisters and girlfriends for insight.  (I got that out of the way this winter.)

Quite the contrary.

This spring I’m melting myself down like the white gold of my first wedding ring.

(One man for the rest of my life?  No problem.  One ring?  No way.)

I’m heating myself up here…


…and as I sit in our wood-fired hot tub and watch the snowy peaks morph into rivers, I too am softening and tapping into flow.

I’m ready, like molten gold, for a new design.

Watch for it.

Sexy  prods:  Share your wedding/commitment ring stories.  I have a few of them so I’ll go first.  I sold an engagement ring that never worked and that same afternoon used the money to buy my sage-green lingerie wedding dress.  Great redesign.


Any redesign going on in your life? Home, career, relationship?  Do share.

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