Silent Night

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Silent Night

We’re having a sensuous Christmas.

A freshly cut blue spruce stands inside the cabin waiting to be adorned. A colorful display of envelopes, cards from family and friends, are scattered beneath the boughs like the precious gifts that they are. We no longer buy into the the tradition of giving Christmas presents, choosing instead to retreat to our cabin to appreciate the gifts we already have.

We’ve been unwrapping each other every morning in the dreamy dark.


Tonight our wood-fired hot tub is at 105 degrees. After a week of snowstorms, the sky has cleared and a full moon is rising in the east, casting moonshadows of the aspens across the untracked snow. The surrounding peaks glow. There’s not even a whisper of wind so even though it is eighteen degrees, it’s relatively painless to cast away our robes and sink naked into the hot water.

The nearest neighbor is two miles away by snowmobile or skis this time of year. The night is so still and quiet, as if the fresh snow has cleansed the atmosphere of all sound.  We sit and look out over our meadow, the sage barely visible under a blanket of sparkling white, and we feel it too:  this deep quieting.

Life, as they say, has it’s up and downs.  This year brought more valleys than peaks.  I lost my father.  We both lost perspective as the seeds of our entrepreneurial visions started bearing fruit. In the act of juggling three ripening  businesses, the ball that often got dropped was us.

But this week, we are picking ourselves up. We sit, our limbs buoyant and entwined, on our twelfth Christmas together, in awe of the incredible perfection of this silent night.

All is calm.  All is bright.




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