Sexy Shoes

Posted by on Apr 18, 2016 in Redefining Sexy

Sexy Shoes

I aspire to constantly expand and improve upon the definition of sexy in this blog.

That being said, if you were to ask me two weeks ago to show you my sexiest pair of shows I would have pulled out these black strappy beauties:

snowshoes 1

Because these snowshoes up the ecstasy quotient in my life several times a week. When the snow is wind scoured or frozen and not good for skiing, they enable me to pack into my cabin.

C.C. Havens' cabin in the snow

Sexy place

After I drop off my pack, I feel like I’m floating above the earth, which I am, as I stomp around the moonlike surface of our property under six feet of frozen snow.

But as sexy as they are, they aren’t going to get me up on stage in Seattle for my book launch this weekend.

And since I’ve had issues with that in the past, I decided, with some convincing from my sexy mentor (thank God for her), that it was time to invest in a pair of sexy shoes.

Omigod. I had no idea. Women’s shoes are so damn sexy. I went a little crazy with the free shipping and returns at Zappos and Nordstrom’s and had four or five boxes come and go in the last week.

I felt like Goldilocks. Too big. Too small. This pair was almost just right.

vince camuto black sexy shoes
They were sexy as hell with my sheer black dress but not so great with the manifest dress or the corral and sage lace pieces.

And then I found these Freebirds, on sale, in downtown Steamboat. They fit like a pair of kid gloves, match my sexy cape and have Colorado Nature-Inspired Erotica Writer written all over them don’t you think?


Looks like I’ll be wearing leather with my lace.


  1. Need to get me some! Shoes can be the ultimate sexy accessory. We women are so lucky to have so many options to play with. Go out there and swag down the streets of Seattle with your sexy you! Good luck….

  2. The right shoes make all the difference! Love your blog. Wish I could be at your book launch. x

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