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Sexy Magazine

I was at Esalen for a writer’s conference a few years ago and saw Pam Houston, one of my favorite writers, walking through the organic gardens wearing a Bad Feminist T-shirt.

I loved her even more.  For years I’ve felt like a Bad Feminist because I really love this magazine:


My husband ordered it years ago to, “you know,  help us have a sexy marriage”.  I have to admit, my Try To Be A Good Feminist’s feathers got ruffled for about ten seconds before I realized he was walking my talk. I summoned Ms. Blog Me Sexy to keep step and suggested that we refrain from ripping off the privacy cover until we could enjoy it together with coffee in bed.

Nice try. Neither one of us could  ever get home from the post office without taking a peek.

If I was a Better Feminist, I would rally against the objectification of women and the projection of unrealistic standards of beauty. And I get that line of thinking, I really do.

But it isn’t my experience. I think the naked female form is one of the most beautiful works of art on this planet.

Of course, I love the nature photo shoots. This is Allie Leggett in Iceland from Playboy’s December 2017 issue.


And I know from my own forays into erotic photos shoots, what an amazing experience it is to feel so comfortable in your own skin that you no longer want to cover it. So I imagine that the women posing for Playboy are empowered as hell and I can’t help but applaud that they are leveraging the gift of their youthful sensual beauty.

So if I’ve convinced you to to subscribe to Playboy, remember this:

Do not compare yourself to the Playmates and find yourself lacking.  Just don’t do it. Youthful feminine beauty is just one kind of beauty.  It is not the only kind.

Helen Mirren


And remember this as well: sexiness is so much more than physical beauty. (Need proof? Check out this post)

Now that I am in my 50’s, I’ve been surprised by the sexiness here and find myself constantly redefining my sexuality. I draw inspiration from the women in Playboy, but I also look to my sexy mentors, women in their 60’s and 70’s who astound me with their radiance, confidence and sensuality.

This month, Playboy seems to be redefining itself as well.  Their tagline Entertainment for Men has changed to Entertainment For All. Along with the photo shoot for the Playmate of the Year, there is a sensuous photo of Jane Seymour; an article on Rethinking The Female Orgasm; and an interview with Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood.

In the Dear Playboy section, in response to one reader’s criticism that ‘Playboy needs to decide whether it wants to be a magazine of third –wave feminism or erotica for men’, Playboy responded:

We respectfully disagree with your assumption that contemporary feminism and erotica for men are mutually exclusive.


Maybe I’m Not Such A Bad Feminist afterall.


Sexy links:

Subscribe to Playboy here.

Pam Houston’s T-shirt was a nod to Roxane Gay’s essay collection, Bad Feminist.

Sexy converstaion starter: What magazines, music, books or movies inspire your sensual self.  Please share in the comments.  I’m always looking for new material.

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  1. Here, here! Makes me want to subscribe!

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