Sexy Goal

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Sexy Goal

Goals are sexy.  Especially when they come to fruition.

This morning, I snagged the July/August issue of Playboy from my man as I packed to head home from the Arkansas River where he guides whitewater in the summer.

“Is it a good one?” I asked as I placed it on top of an already stuffed Lululemon bag and shoved it into the back hatch off my Jetta wagon.

“I don’t know.  I didn’t read it,” he answered.  I had to laugh. The classic Playboy joke.

In the afternoon, on the drive home, I was stopped at a traffic light in Silverthorne, Colorado when I noticed the guy who was riding shotgun in the car to my left was motioning for me to roll down my window.

“We like your Playboy,” he said. The ‘we’ was about as much testosterone as you could stuff in a Suburban, at least six, thirty-something mountain bikers who were all leaning forward to check out my reaction.

I leaned out my window. “Playboy rocks,” I said, because it does.  “Have you read it lately?”

The vehicle started rocking they were all laughing so hard. “I’ve tried,” the shotgun guy continued.  “But it never works…the pages always stick together.”

The light turned green. I blew them a kiss and our sexy Colorado moment concluded.

This evening, I slipped into bed to read, yes read, Playboy. I got to page 12 and saw my name in the Dear Playboy section:

Getting published in Playboy has been a goal of mine. The full fantasy version goes like this: they publish one of my outdoor adventure essays from my erotic memoir, Seduced By A River, and they also take me up on my invitation to bring a Playmate out to do a winter photo shoot at our off-the-grid cabin.


Snowmobiling in.  The wood fired hot tub.  Elk and deer hides hanging over the log banister of the loft.   The winter aspen.

Photo by the fabulous Jules Smith

It would, I mean, will be amazing.

Getting my letter published is a super sexy start.

I sent a text to my husband with the Dear Playboy photo and a kiss emoji:

You should read Playboy sometime. 

You might consider it as well: subscribe here.

Sexy Conversation Starter:  Got any sexy goals?  I read The Success Principles by Jack Canfield this spring and consequently have a stack of pretty lofty goals written on index cards that sit on the lap of the Buddha in my yoga studio. Getting published in Playboy is just one of them. Be bold! Write them down. Better yet, share them in the comments to better enhance the manfestation magic.  Give your sexy self a pen name if you like.


  1. Whoop Whoop! Playboy is waiting for your sexy essays… you’re on your way CC. Cheers@

    • Madison Snow~ so sexy to find you here. Thanks so much for the encouragement. I miss your poetry. Have anything you want to share?

  2. I’ll get the ball rolling with another one of my goals: I will have a fabulous intimate conversation with Oprah about sexuality, spirituality and transcendence through yoga, meditation and craniosacral therapy on Super Soul Sunday by February 14, 2019. This or something better.

    I’d love to hear yours~

    • How fun that a car full of hot mountain bikers were flirting with you! Love your writing. I’d subscribe to Playboy if they published your work!

      • It was a sexy moment, Jude. I think they saw the Playboy next to my mountain bike and figured I was a kindred spirit. Indeed.

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