Sexy Cards

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Sexy Cards

My Literary Artist and my Healing Artist are having a tug of war.  In the middle of my bed.  At 2 am.

This is the antithesis of sexy insomnia.


My Literary Artist has scheduled an afternoon meeting with a website designer to brush the dust off this website and initiate the process of getting my memoir re-published.

My Literary Artist on her way to the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival for her book launch in 2016. Her publisher went out of business a month later.

My Healing Artist, who has plans to get a massage and soak in hot springs, isn’t interested.

My Healing Artist decompressing in Olympic National Park after the book launch , which to be honest, didn’t even get as high as the Space Needle.

Literary Artist: We are going! We have a super sexy book that needs to get back out in the world. 

Healing Artist: We’ are canceling! It’s been so great to unplug and not have you mentally drafting blog posts while I’m trying to meditate.

Literary Artist: You’re boring.

Healing Artist: You’re manic.

They are both right.

And if they wake up my Inner Catholic Girl, things are really going to get complicated so I get up, stoke the woodstove and bring my angel cards back to bed.


I hold the deck in my hands, close my eyes and ask for help with my decision. As I swirl the cards around and around on my comforter I can feel my artists, peering over my shoulders, waiting to see what card I pull.  My right index finger skids to a stop on a card that is on the bottom of the pile, so I have to  keep the pressure strong and really focus to reel it to the edge.

All of us are holding our breath as I flip it over:

As I read the card  and the text in the accompanying book, it truly feels as if some beautiful, benevolent being is speaking to us:

You have the ideas, the drive and the self -discipline required for entrepreneurial work

Self doubts make you hesitate

We assure you that you have what it takes to succeed

Fully commit to succeeding


All of it resonates, but the indecision has been so unsexy. Fully commit to succeeding is exactly what we needed to hear.

Looks like we are diving back in.

Sexy Link: My angel cards by Doreen Virtue were a gift from my sister.  I love them. So do my craniosacral clients and yoga students.  Order some here


  1. I loved this post! The angels are telling you to go for it! Thank you for writing and sharing with the world. I love reading your writing. So will others!

    • You are as sweet as morning dew on spring wildflowers, Jude. Thanks for dropping in and inspiring me.

  2. Glad you’re back! You can have both things I promise!

    • My artists’ tug-of-war rope is now knotted over a high tree branch in the hopes that they will swing together instead. So sexy of you to come visit and leave a comment.

  3. Must be time?? Can’t give up on that piece of work. No, uh uh. Sexy is giving your man a hug and realizing that you like his body heat. Even in the summertime. It only takes 10 seconds! See you CAN have it all 🙂

    • No, couldn’t give up on it after all. Absolutely must blast my erotic adventures out to the world. I can rest easy now knowing I won’t die with a beautiful tome of erotica lying unpublished in a box in my closet.

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