Sexy Altars

Posted by on Oct 17, 2018 in Your Sexy Self

Sexy Altars

There is something unarguably sexy about a woman’s altar.

It’s a place where her turmoil, overwhelm and emotional angst can, on a good day, transmute to trust, acceptance and love. It’s a portal through which her demons can exit and her angels descend.

I walked into the jalaBlu yoga studio in Buena Vista, Colorado this summer and was instantly seduced by the altar the owner, Jenna, had created in her studio

personal altar


The floor space in front of it was empty so I filled it with my mat.  As I waited for yoga class to begin, I sat and  absorbed the beauty (fresh stargazer lilies), the sweetness (offerings of fruit and chocolate)

personal altars

and the all around sacredness (that included a window framed aspen tree) it exuded.

personal altar


A personal altar is an oasis, a serene beautiful place to pause amid the busyness of life, a place to meditate, pray, practice yoga, journal, nap, read inspirational prose…. whatever you need it to be. It can be as simple an upside down cardboard box draped with a sarong topped with a jelly jar of dandelions.

Or as eclectic as mine with my stone Buddha, carved yogi, wooden Madonna, mini rosary, heart rocks, feathers, pine cones and smudge stick.

personal altar

I’d be lost without my altar.  It’s like a cairn that marks the path back to my truest, kindest, sexiest self.


Sexy link: A short simple article about creating an altar in your home.

Sexy conversation starter: Do you have an altar? Tell me about it in the comments.  Where is it located? What’s on it? What does it do for you?




  1. I love your altar! Thanks for the link to the article. I’d like to creat an altar of my own. 🦋🌺🌷💐🌹🌸🌼🌻

    • A woman needs a quiet, sexy place to hook in. Have fun creating that sensuous place for yourself, Jude.

  2. I recently created my alter and it has really helped me to reconnect with my spirituality, that I had thought I had lost. It is mainly made of up items from my closest friends, some crystals and some treasured childhood items. I have a piece of leather that was given to me, just a scrap, but it represented such kindness and comfort that it warms me and reminds me to offer kindness and comfort to others. I can sit in front of it, take a few deep breaths and immediately feel relaxed, loved, and joyful.

    • I love how something as simple as a piece of leather can be such a treasure and such a potent addition to your altar. Thanks for sharing Sheri.

  3. Lovely altar. It really looks meditating. I can’t explain the word so I’m just going to use your term, serene.

  4. Your altar looks very sacred. It is very meditating and I can’t wait to have one in my place.

  5. Amazed! It looks beautiful. If I see one like that I would definitely approach it.

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