Farewell Kiss

Posted by on May 19, 2015 in Nature-Inspired Sexy

Farewell Kiss

get off on winter.

So last Sunday when I woke up at my cabin to four inches of fresh snow, I was outside in the gray dawn, arms flung open, spinning around like it was confetti.


Because metaphorically it is.

Despite what my gardening friends would say, May snowstorms in Colorado are reason to celebrate. They translate to wildflowers in June; whitewater in July; and creeks that still dance in August.  They keep the aspens’ bark silver and their leaves shimmering gold in September.

Snow in May means that the words drought and fire, words that are burning on the parched lips of Californians, are not ours to taste this year. But they were, early in the millennium when drought set the stage for the pine beetle epidemic that turned the evergreen beauty of Colorado’s lodge pole pines to rust.

I build a fire in my woodstove with the beetle- kill pine we are still culling from our property; set my meditation cushion in front of the sliding glass door out to the deck ; and sit. I don’t even attempt to close my eyes to meditate because the sight of my sage and wildflower meadow tucked under a blanket of fresh snow is too beautiful to shut out.



I bow my head and offer up a little prayer that this storm drenched California before it came here. I send out gratitude that the snow is still coming down in what feels like a farewell kiss from winter.

I slide the glass door open, lower my lips to the virgin snow and kiss her back.

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