Sensual Self Yoga


This sensuous approach to yoga evolved as I integrated my yoga practice with my erotica writing. Whenever I felt flat or forced in a piece of writing, I’d go to my yoga mat to get my words and creativity flowing again.

Not surprisingly, the sensuality flowed back to my yoga mat as well.

When I told my sister, who is endlessly supportive of my writing, that I was starting to have orgasms on my meditation cushion and yoga mat, she didn’t mince words.

“You need to drop everything else and figure out a platform to share that.”

The idea for Sensual Self Yoga was conceived.

We are one of the most sensual species on the planet, but too often that gift lies unopened, distracted by our over-stimulated intellects and busy lives.

This class is an opportunity to rip off the bow, an opportunity to take 100 percent responsibility for our own sensuality.

Sensuous Self Yoga can be offered alone or go in tandem with an Erotica From the Second Chakra Reading that showcases some of the more spiritual aspects of my erotic essays.

Yoga studio owners and retreat organizers, contact me at if you’d like to dazzle your clientele and spice up your current offerings.