Yoga Me Sexy

The Sexy Art of Letting Go

Posted by on Feb 15, 2016

Yoga studios are sexy.  Especially mine. Log walls from the 1890’s. Wood heat. A full moon rising over the mountains painted on the north wall. Winter sun streaming in the windows from the south.  This is what it looked like last week right before I taught a beautiful class on letting go. The theme turned out to be so appropriate because within eight hours my man had my studio looking like this: . That’s river gear for a self support kayak trip down the Grand Canyon .  This means he is leaving me for two weeks to be with her. Ah the river.  My nemisis.  My muse. I’ve been...

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Super Moon Sexy

Posted by on Oct 14, 2015

A full moon rises over the red walls of Utah’s Desolation Canyon bathing me in light. Insomnia brought me down to the Green River in the middle of the night but my soul is keeping me here. My husband sleeps in our joined sleeping bags at the top of this sandy beach camp. The other couple who joined us on this eight- day desert rafting adventure are tucked into their tent. I have the river, the moon, the canyon and the expanse of this beach campsite all to myself. I don’t even consider going back to sleep. I fetch my water bottle and sarong and settle in for some sexy insomnia. This year’s...

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Sexy Sun Salutation

Posted by on Nov 19, 2013

Yoga is such a sensuous practice.   If you don’t believe me watch this.  Enjoy~        

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Orgasmativity Part II

Posted by on Jan 9, 2013

Are you reaching your orgasmic potential with life? I didn’t even know I wasn’t. I’d always loved sex~ the physicality, the intimacy, the sharing of pleasure. But I wasn’t very orgasmic until I started doing yoga regularly.  In March of 2000 I attended a month-long yoga teacher’s training at the Kripalu Center For Yoga and Health. And then, wow. For me there are so many reasons why yoga increases orgasmativity:  improved body image; increased confidence and self esteem; increased tone and blood flow to the pelvic floor, genitals, G-spot and clitoris. (Check out this post for more on the sexy...

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Om Me Sexy

Posted by on Aug 2, 2012

Last winter I started having orgasms on my meditation cushion.  So of course,  I started meditating even more. There were a lot of contributing factors, too much to go into in a blog post (oh how I love to tease!) but  don’t worry, I captured it all in great detail for my memoir. I submitted the essay to a women’s erotica anthology so you’ll get to read it somewhere someday soon. I find it fascinating that one of the sexiest things I do is… not much at all. Outwardly, meditation doesn’t hold a candle to visually arousing pursuits such as hooping or belly dancing (which I...

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