- The approach to Lava Falls rapid, Colorado River, Grand Canyon -

Approaching Lava Falls, Colorado River, Grand Canyon

I hesitate to call myself an outdoor adventurer because even though I find myself staring down whitewater rapids and avalanche chutes a lot, I’m out there because:

1. I married a man who is a passionate about running whitewater and skiing the back country and I’m passionate about him.

2. My Fear of Missing Out (what we lovingly refer to as FOMO) somehow overrides my fear of dying until I’m faced with the very real possibility of it and then I’m scared shitless.

3. Fear is an oddly powerful aphrodisiac.

But I can say with much confidence that I am a yoga teacher, a healing arts practitioner and a meditator, all of which, including the outdoor adventure, hook me in deeply and fuel my writing which tends to come out as erotica.

Given that I have an Inner Catholic girl, the erotic nature of my writing creates all sorts of juicy inner conflict.

- Getting off on the confluence of the Little Colorado River, Grand Canyon -

Confluence of the Little Colorado River, Grand Canyon

I’ve had two psychotherapist friends tell me there is probably some “deep work” that needs to be done there. One admitted that it would probably diffuse my urge to write erotica.

I’m all about self inquiry and I’ve done a lot, but I looked at her and said Now, why the hell would I want to do that?

I hope, after perusing the site, you’ll agree.

Therapy can wait.