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October 2011

Water droplets still cling to my bare skin as I rush from the shower to the bedroom. I am rummaging through the top drawer of my dresser, tossing aside lacey thongs in the pursuit of something comfy and cotton, when I am suddenly airborne, flying sideways towards the mattress.

My lover studies cougars. He’s known to pounce.

pounce lower pixels

He nuzzles my neck as a low growl escapes his throat. His kisses begin to descend.

I am dripping wet, flat on my back, with a passionate man getting ready to devour me. It’s pretty obvious where this scene is headed.

But, no.

Because all I can think about is the pitch for my erotic memoir that I plan to deliver to a panel of publishing professionals at the kick-off of the Willamette Writer’s conference. It starts in five hours in Portland. I have a four-and-a-half-hour drive to get to there.

My mountain lion lover senses this. His body shifts until his lips hover inches above mine.

“You’ve already left, haven’t you?”

“I still need to pack and stop for gas. I should have been out the door five minutes ago.”

He kisses my forehead and I practically launch him off of me as I continue racing through the house.

Believe me, I’m not proud of this. The irony of an erotica writer pushing away the amorous advances of the man who inspired her to write a book about their sexy, adventurous marriage isn’t lost on me. It is the reason I am starting this blog.

This part of me who is becoming sensually disconnected from my body because I’m so in my head worries me.

I’ve been so consumed with trying to publish my erotic memoir that I’ve lost my connection to the energy that drove it in the first place. Lately, I repeatedly forego the lace thong and curve-hugging, batik yoga pants for the cotton Hanes and shapeless worn sweat pants. As I drove to the conference, I was so consumed with rehearsing my pitch that I was halfway through the Columbia Gorge before I even noticed the play of sunlight on the river.

I need an intervention.

And this blog is it.

I’ve decided to write my way back to a more sensuous, awakened, passionate way of being. I am going to blog me sexy.

Care to join me?

I’d love to hear what you have to say, about what I have to say, about staying sexy. So go ahead, give yourself a sexy pen name and unleash your sensual thoughts in the comments sections. Your email address will not be published.

I look forward to the dialogue.

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