Sexy Thrift

Posted by on Jul 11, 2014 in Your Sexy Self

Sexy Thrift

I went shopping for some lingerie the other day. True, I have a drawerful (that probably needs some fung shui-ing again) but I wanted something different, something summery and sexy for a rendezvous with my man who has been off flirting with one of his favorite rivers for the past two weeks.

Did I shop at Agent Provacateur? I wish.

Victoria Secret? Uh no.

I went here:
arc thrift store


This wasn’t my first foray into thrifty lingerie.

And it won’t be my last because I scored a coral-colored silk Victoria Secret gown for $2.50 (It was marked $4.99 but it was Half Off Saturday).  For that price I can spill red wine all over it or let my man rip it off of me but it’s so gorgeous (this picture doesn’t do it justice) that I don’t want to ruin it.  It screams Book Launch Seattle Erotic Arts Festival.

coral lingerie dress


I know from experience that writing down what you want is a powerful manifestation tool.  I’m curious to see if having the perfect lingerie dress hanging in my closet will land me on a stage in Seattle reading excerpts from my published memoir.

It certainly can’t hurt.

Sexy Tip: Lingerie doesn’t need to be brand new and expensive to be sexy.  It just needs to be different.  Have a lingerie exchange party with your women friends.  Hit a thrift store.  Change it up.  But most importantly, WEAR IT… for your lover or for your own sexy self.



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  1. It worked! I’m launching my erotic memoir, Seduced By a River, at the 2016 Seattle Erotic Arts Festival on Sunday April 24 at 2 p.m. I have reading events throughout the weekend. I know what I’ll be wearing for at least one of them.

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