Sensuous Responsibility

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Sensuous Responsibility




Sensuality.  It’s our sparkle. We are one of the most sensuous creatures on the planet and yet, we get so busy in our intellects that we forget.


I’m here to remind you.

So if you haven’t been aware of the sultry sway of your hips, the gorgeous curves of your upright spine, or the heady musk of your arousal , I hear you.  I’ve been waylaid from my sensuality practices (like naked yoga with the full moon)the past few weeks myself.

But we’re going to shift that right here, right now with this simple truth:

You are 100 percent responsible for your own sexuality.

I find that statement so incredibly empowering and I hope you do it. It’s a Blog Me Sexy spin on the basic principle of Jack Canfield’s bestselling book The Success Principles which is: Take 100 percent Responsibility for Your Own Life.

And the first step for doing that is to stop blaming.

No more blaming your single status.  I know it feels like some charming new lover could sweep in with an armful of roses and cotton candy compliments about how beautifulsexyamazing you are and for a while you would indeed feel beautifulsexyamazing.  But if we depend on someone else to make us feel loveable and sexy, we are giving up a potent piece of our personal power.  And if he or she gets busy with their own life and issues, which they inevitably will, it can be excruciating to feel dropped in that way.  Or so I’ve heard 😉

So make a commitment to romance yourself and cultivate your singular sexuality, an energy that is so juicy and attractive, you just may end up luring in a partner without even trying.


No more blaming your current lover.  If there isn’t as much passion in your love relationship as there used to be, damn, that’s a bummer, but it happens, because life happens and life has its ups and downs and so inevitably do love relationships.  If your partner is consumed with the stress of a busy job, or an aging parent or a troubled teen or an injury, or, or , or… sex may not be in the forefront of his or her mind.

But it still can be for you.  Don’t relinquish your sexual energy just because your partner has lost touch with theirs.  That doesn’t make any sense at all.  If your lover is low on cash, you’d spot them a twenty, right?  Fill your sexy savings account with self pleasuring, reading erotica, watching sexy movies. Be the bank.

No more blaming the person who hurt you. This is a tough one. We’ve seen from the #Metoo movement that there is a lot of pain, rage and justifiable blame from sexual abuse, harassment and assaults. We need to acknowledge and own our sexual wounds, but we don’t want to get stuck there. Don’t give that perp any more power than they have already taken from you.  Find a great counselor. Try craniosacral therapy.  Do yoga.  Journal. I’m amazed how much blogging about the sexual harassment I experienced as a child, helped heal my sexual shame so I can move forward with renewed confidence with the  marketing of my erotic memoir.   It’s a journey, not an easy one, but a vital one for healing and reclaiming your sexual confidence and power.

No more blaming your hormones, your busy job, your weight, your age, your demanding kids, Venus retrograde or the dead batteries in your vibrator.

None of that matters.

You matter.  The precious gift of your sensuality matters, and it is your right and privilege to cultivate it. We only have these human bodies for a relatively short time. This is your time, right now, to fully embrace it.

So let’s do this.  I’m going to start by stripping off these old black wool tights and replacing then with my lace Autumn Teneyl Hope Pants…

sensuous upward dog pose

Sexy pants

…just to hang around the house on a Sunday morning.


What are you going to do? Tell me.  Inspire me.  In the comments.

Sexy link: Check out Colorado designer Autumn Teneyl if you are in the market for some sexy pants:


  1. Love this post — all your posts. If I didn’t notice your feet, I would have thought you were a mermaid! Please keep writing.

    • Hey Jude,
      I never noticed the mermaid resemblance in that shot. How interesting. I wrote a mermaid themed erotica story that could be the first chapter to a novel. Mermaid muses!

    • Hey Jude,
      I never noticed the mermaid resemblance in that shot. How interesting. I wrote a mermaid erotica story last summer that could be the first chapter of a novel. I should revisit that project. Thanks for the reminder and for dropping in to say hello.

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