Two Kinds of Ecstasy

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Two Kinds of Ecstasy


I am suspended in hot water beneath a moonlit sky.

The diameter of our cedar, wood- fired hot tub is such that I can rest the back of my neck on one side and my feet on the other, so only my breasts and pubis and are exposed to the October night air

The waxing moon has already started it’s decent towards the mountains to the west and is perfectly framed between the branches of two bare aspen trees.  Golden leaves still cling to the trees beside the hot tub, their gentle percussive in the intermittent breeze sounds like a thousand delicate hands clapping, as If I’m being applauded for slipping out here at 2:30 a.m.

I stoked the fire before bed, anticipating a sunrise soak so the water is too hot, making me crave the cool caress of the moon on every inch of my skin. I stand and take a bow like I’m standing on the center stage of my life…which I am… and celebrate the leaves right back, knowing they will be gone by week’s end until spring.

I stand on one leg, press the foot of the other into my inner thigh, and lift my arms overhead for tree pose.  My skin contracts in one of those full-body orgasmic chills and I catch a glimpse of my moon shadow on the earth, my trunk blending in with all the aspens.

I lie back in the hot water and hear a pack of coyotes going off to the north, sounding like the spirits of Ute warriors preparing for the hunt.  Orion hovers above me.  I lift my hand and trace the shiny stars of his belt and sword.

This is one kind of ecstasy.

My hunter will be home in three days from a month of field work in the Tetons. I will remove his belt, unsheathe his sword and experience another kind of ecstasy altogether.

Cc hunting back lunge this one

Sexy Prod: I’ve told you mine.  Your turn. Tell me about your kind of ecstasy in the comments.




  1. I consider man part of nature. Very much so. I’ve heard comments from people who would shun man from his rightful place in nature because we have the capacity to destroy our environment, harm our fellow creatures and companions, and wreak havoc socially. But there’s so much plalyfulness in man. Man was created with a mind built for curiosity and discovery. A mind natually yearns to absorb everything. Is it wrong or unnatural for man to want to temporarily alter his or her sobriety, if it involves ingesting an synthetic tonic made by man? Is the only way to grow through sober processes? Is happiness confined in one perspective?
    You ask about ecstasy. It’s not a coincedence that that is it’s name.
    A world where sight is crystal clear, love is abundant, music is joyful, and tolerence is simple and easy.
    It goes like this…
    My husband and I are outside in the mountains dancing to our favorite band, warm wind blowing our hair lightly. My close friends are there, too…eyes sparkle, arms gracefully swing and legs bend rhymically to the beautiful melodies, smiles so serene and content. As I stand behind my husband, I wrap my arms around his torso and nestle my lips on the back of his neck, both of us swaying back and forth to the music, bodies tight against eachother, eyes closed. He turns to me and looks lovingly into my eyes–a prolonged gaze–kisses me gently, runs his hands through my hair…tenderness, yearning, longing . I hold his face in my hands, kiss him again–grinning–and whisper, “I love you”. There’s no place like this, no space like this–the feeling of ultimate complacency. My heart is bursting with affection for everyone and everything. It can’t last forever and I don’t want it to. I just want it to be here with us now. Just tonight.
    Tomorrow is another day. Life is granting me another perspective. The mindset with which I was born. Clear, happy, sober, wonderful. My fellow human has provided me with the opportunity to see many different angles to life. You may judge them as “bad”, “naughty”, “fake”, “dangerous”. But it’s just another way of experiencing. It’s so natual to want to see and feel it all. Today I take my husbands hand, look at him flirtatiously, feeling so incredibly fortunate to have him in my life…”Therapy!”, we say…laughing in unison.

    • Oh Trixie, what an eloquent and oh so sexy commentary on your kind of ecstasy. Thanks for giving us a glimpse. How beautiful the way you meet your lover there.

      My way in, through yoga and meditation, and my man’s way in through kayaking hard whitewater are different. We both get to the same place and then bring it back to fuel our mutual fire. For us too, when we pull our bodies close to the rhythm of live music flames ignite.

      It is why we are here isn’t it? To dance with ecstasy? It sounds like you are pretty blissful with or without the synthetic boost which is why I think it works for you. And you don’t have a depressive ‘coming down’ which was always the case for me. I get so addicted to the high that I want to stay there or keep going back so I’ve had to find a buzz that keeps my feet deeply rooted into the earth, like tree pose in a hot tub under an autumnal star-filled sky. My Rocky Mountain High.

      Thanks for sharing. Come often.

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