When Roses Speak

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When Roses Speak

Hard. Transcendent. Sexy.  Three words that sum up my latest foray into erotic fiction.

I was on deadline last week to submit a story for the Literary Arts division of the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival.

I didn’t have much to work with, just some messy notes I’d jotted down last spring when my favorite photographer, Alan Shapiro (he’s amazing) posted a photo of a rose that mesmerized me with her black cherry beauty.

alans rose


She wrapped her thorny stem around my heart, brushed her silky petals up against my ear and whispered:  Write me.

At the time I was in the throes of polishing and submitting my erotic memoir, Seduced By a River, for publication (release date: Valentine’s Day!) so I couldn’t indulge in the flirtation.  But when roses speak, I’ve learned to listen so I created a Word document, named it Rose and threw a whirlwind of inspiration in it.

I have enough ideas in that file to write a book, but all I needed for the festival was a 1200-word short story.  I extracted some notes about a couple in bed with champagne and roses. It was so awkward at first, me in bed with them, trying to construct fiction after all these years of writing memoir. But I  kept showing up, day after day, trying way too hard and then not hard enough until finally they started showing themseves to me.

tatto couple

The tattoos.  The scars. The piercings of flesh and heart. Their I’m in this with you no matter what kind of love.

Suddenly, as if they existed in some other realm, they were writing through me. I found myself leaning to the right to better allow that conduit of creativity to come straight into my heart and down my left arm to my hands that were dancing across the keyboard.

My muses threw their heads back and laughed, Finally! They ran their fingers through my hair and tickled the tip of my nose with rose petals. As I wrote the final sentence, my hands were trembling and my eyes blurred with emotion and my god I love it when that happens.

Sexy prompt: What does it feel like when you tap into your deepest creative self? When do your muses show up?


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  1. Update: The story got accepted. I can hardly wait to take my wildly passionate tattooed couple to Seattle and share them onstage at the festival’s literary arts readings.

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