Tech Savvy Sexy

Posted by on Jun 7, 2014 in Write Me Sexy

Tech Savvy Sexy

I’ve blogged before about the power of writing down what you want.

So here is my latest sexy intention writ large:

I want to be Tech Savvy Sexy.

I want to get aroused by the idea of watching tutorials on how to use WordPress, MailChimp , Windows 8 and… this is embarrassing to admit…Microsoft Office.  The thought of getting my Christmas card list (which is now a collection of ragged-edged return addresses crammed into a shoe box) on a labels program?  I get wet at the thought of such sexy efficiency.

I’m going to be squirming in my office chair because I am having so much fun engaging on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.  I’ve had a taste:  Once after posting on Google+, a tango dancer from Mozambique was enjoying my blog while he was traveling in Europe.  That was pretty sexy.

Research a new phone that will have the latest greatest video and camera features?  My bud of erectile tissues will get hard at the thought.

Learn how to make, edit and post videos so I can read you some of my erotic essays?  That’s a learning curve I want to trace with the tip of my tongue.

And the climax:  Learn all about electronic publishing so you, my beloved readers, can download one of my stories for your sexy self or to share with your lover.

May I effortlessly manifest this or something better.

sexy computer

I think a pair of white Go-Go boots like hers would help.


Sexy Prod:

What do you want so much you are willing to write it down in the comments to help it manifest it?





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