Rationalization #4

Posted by on May 20, 2013 in River Sexy

Rationalization #4

I’m back from my third rafting trip through the Grand Canyon.

Unlike my first trip that resulted in three erotic essays and my second trip trip where I did erotic photo shoots, this voyage down wasn’t so sexy for me.

I’ll admit this was more than a little disturbing since one of the many ways I describe my erotic memoir is river erotica (click here and here for a little tease).

Normally the river seduces my man and consequently me, into this highly aroused, spiritually-awakened ecstatic state.

Not this time.  And as you can imagine, I’ve been trying to figure out why.

Rationalization #1: Maybe the river is just done with me.  Or perhaps I’m done with her. She always has scared me shitless.

But, no.  No way.

Rationalization #2: I was on vacation, so my sexy muses decided to take one too.  Quite possible.

Rationalization #3: This year’s launch date was a month earlier than my other two trips so the weather was cooler. Plunging naked into water that was so cold it burned didn’t cultivate a sultry vibe.

5588056But I did it anyway.

Rationalization #4: I wasn’t Blogging Me Sexy. I wasn’t consciously manifesting sexiness every week and writing it down for you.

That must be it.

Good thing I’m getting back at it.

Sexy prod: Inspire me. Share one of your sensuous spring moments in the comments.


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