Full Moon

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Full Moon

Erotic photo shoots are like running big whitewater:

Scary to think about.
Super exciting in the middle.
Incredibly empowering by the end.

I’ve done three of them so far.

You’d think that since I’m an erotic essayist and somewhat of an exhibitionist at heart, erotic photos shoots would be a breeze for me.

Au contraire.

First I have to lock my Inner Catholic Girl in a confessional. Then I have to transcend that conditioned cultural voice that wrestles with not being fit or thin or young enough which we all know is bullshit but… still.

Photo By Graham Charles

Getting off at the confluence of the Little Colorado River. Grand Canyon, April 2009. Photo By Graham Charles

It rants.

I rave back.

You can too.

When the opportunity for an erotic photo shoot presents itself (it will), I encourage you to go for it. Tuck the pictures away if you don’t like them at first.  Because someday, like today for me, you will pull them out and think, Wow, I’m so glad I ditched that bikini on the beach.

Courage begets courage.

I need some right now. I have get to get sexy- psyched for a reading at the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival. So I’m posting this photo to manifest some boldness and get that juicy, carpe diem mojo flowing.

Tell me about your fears, desires, experiences with erotic photos shoots in the comments and I’ll tell (and show) more of mine.



  1. Fantastic and daring post dear one, you look absolutely fabulous as well!

    • Be bold. Love life. Mantras I’ve learned with you my friend. Wonder what’s coming next…

  2. I love your poety and writing. You’re incredibly beautiful, sensuous and your photos are breathtaking. I wish that I had sensual photos of my first love and I.We were best friends, both virgins. Fortwo years we were inseparable and very much in love, with no walls. We took things very slowly. She had beed sexually assaulted while in high school. I got her the help that she needed at the University Counseling Center.
    Her mother made her life miserable because she demanded that marry a man from a wealthy family and who would make a very wealthy living for her daughter. I broke up with her to save her pain. I was majoring in Education but became a librarian instead, earning even less income.
    I should have given her the choice for herself though. That is a regret I have lived with most of my life. We have remained friends from a distance all these years. I am dying a slow death. She came by my house to say goodbye. We spoke for four hours, just as if we had always had and had never been apart. It was a bittersweet day.
    Thank you for sharing your works with the World.

    • Thank you for sharing your story, Michael. Sounds like an intensely poignant time for you. How wonderful that you got to see her again. I am honored that you are finding some beauty and solace in my offerings. I’ve been letting life be too busy lately and not taking the time to write. You inspire me to shift that. May peace be with you, curled up and nestled right beside you~

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