Sexy Extremes

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Sexy Extremes

One weekend:

I’m at a Girls’ Night Out with a group of river sisters I received like a dowry when I married my raft guide. We drink margaritas.  We eat enchiladas. We laugh. We touch.  We express every thought that lands on our lips. We dress up and dance for three hours straight to a funk band at the Belly Up in downtown Aspen.


Wild feminine energy freely expressed. Super sexy.

girls night out

2 a.m. at the Belly Up

The next weekend:

I’m at a ten-day silent Vipassana meditation course. I am living in community with forty women I’ve never met. We don’t talk, gesture, touch or make eye contact as we observe Noble Silence. As requested, we dress modestly and skip the makeup and jewelry. Dinner and drinks here equates to a piece of fruit and some herbal tea or lemon water so we are practically fasting from noon to 6:30 am to further support this purification process we are all going through. We sit as still as we can in meditation for ten to twelve hours a day. We are asked not to hike beyond the course boundary.

Wild feminine energy consciously contained. Super sexy.

4:30 am in the meditation hall

4:30 am in the meditation hall

Done anything extreme lately?  Tell me about it in the comments.

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  1. I love reading your blog. Please keep writing!

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