Sexy Beside Me

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Sexy Beside Me

I sat beside a woman for ten days who inspired me to work harder than I ever have.

We never spoke a word. I didn’t know her name. I couldn’t really tell what she looked like since all eighty of us in the meditation hall were bundled up due to the unseasonably cold weather.

She draped colorful scarves over her head and wrapped them around her neck like a Madonna.  I was tucked into the hood of my ankle- length sweater like a monk. We accidently made eye contact a few times in the dining hall, but both of us quickly looked away.  We were observing Noble Silence which started on the first night of this ten-day Vipassana meditation course when we were lead individually into the meditation hall and shown our place to sit.

By chance and good fortune, I was seated next to her.

The first few days, while I wriggled around on my cushion like a puppy during the hour-long meditations, she sat beside me barely moving at all.  Before each session, I’d fumble around to get my two fleece pillows placed just so under my knees thinking that if I got them perfectly positioned I wouldn’t have so much pain in my right leg.

She knew better, that the pain was just a part of the purification process. She’d take two seconds to fluff the buckwheat cushions under her knees, rest her hands on her thighs and begin.

As the course progressed, I felt our silent compassion for each other as the physical pain reverted to its orignal form and flushed out of us through quiet sobs and tears. On Day Four, we both floated out of the meditation hall, elated, when after 3 1/2 days of focusing solely on the sensation of the breath at the nostrils, we were taught the Vipassana technique of directing that intense focus throughout the body which was one of the most profound experiences of my life.

She smelled faintly of Ivory soap.

But what really made her so Sexy Beside Me was this:  before each meditation, she exhaled long and slow through her mouth making a sound that indicated that she was going in, a sound that conveyed both surrender and resolve, a sound I grew to love and depend on for inspiration,  a sound that was so beautifully feminine and so fabulously determined.

Turns out she had wild, curly dark hair under those scarves and eyes as bright as the stars on a new moon night.


Her name was Tiffany.

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  1. I hope Tiffany reads this! Can’t wait to hear about the body focused part of the meditation thank you for writing

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