Tasting Autumn

Posted by on Sep 10, 2014 in Nature-Inspired Sexy

Tasting Autumn

The other day I was sitting in meditation on my deck and when I opened my eyes the meadow in front of me was so green that I felt like I’d been fast forwarded into spring. It’s been the most luscious summer I can remember here in the Rocky Mountains. Our big-snow winter morphed into a cool rainy spring that came and went all summer and never really left.

As I flowed into my yoga practice under clouds heavy with rain, it seemed like the surrounding aspen leaves aren’t turning yellow this year. They are just begrudgingly giving up their green.


 tasting autum photo 1


But there is no stopping Her. As as each day gets a little darker, the leaves get a little lighter,the yellow of the diminishing sun taking residence in the leaves. As I flowed into cobra pose and inhaled long and deep, the scent was undeniable Autumn, so pungent and wet, like a woman at the height of arousal.  As warm raindrops landed on my yoga mat, I lifted my face to the sky and opened my mouth, eager to catch one on my tongue.

Eager to taste her.

Sexy Prod: What is your favorite way to taste autumn? Biting into a juicy Honeycrisp apple? Getting lost in  a corn maize with your lover? Rolling in a pile of raked leaves?  I really want to know.

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