Erotica Readings


I currently have three different erotica readings in my repertoire:

Girls’ Night In: a reading for events such as bachelorette parties, women’s retreats, conferences or casual women’s gatherings.

Erotica From The Second Chakra: a spiritually enticing reading that can stand alone or be coupled with a Your Sensuous Self Yoga class.

Date Night Erotica: a sumptuous reading for couples that pairs wine and food with sexy themes from my erotica stories.


Girls’ Night In


You’ve heard of Girls’ Night Out.

Girls' Night-In

Girls’ Night-In

This is Girls’ Night In, a gathering of women to celebrate and discuss the sacredness of female sexuality, prompted by a 30-40 minute reading from my collection of essays: Seduced By A River: A Nature- Inspired Erotic Memoir.


Think of it like a sacred take on a bachelorette party but no one needs to be getting married. Sure we will discuss love and relationships…don’t we always?…but we will delve even deeper that that and explore our spirituality, our connection to nature and our potential to cultivate a sensual, erotic, orgasmic relationship with ourselves that isn’t dependent on a lover.

If this sounds incredibly sexy and empowering to you contact me at to plan a Girls’ Night In event.


Erotica From the Second Chakra Reading and Your Sensual Self Yoga Classes


The Erotica From the Second Chakra reading reflects what happens when you cross a yoga teacher with an erotica writer and showcases the somewhat spiritual aspect of my essay collection.

This reading can stand alone or go in tandem with a Your Sensuous Self  Yoga Class, a flowing exploration of the intimacy of self that can best be described by this Oscar Wilde quote:

To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.

The ultimate romance, I have found.

Yoga studio owners and retreat organizers, contact me at if you’d like to dazzle your clientele and spice up your current offerings.


For Couples: Date Night Erotic Reading

A sexy relationship doesn’t come in a bottle (although I’ve found that popping the cork on a bottle of champagne every now and then never hurts.)

But a sexy relationship can come in a book, namely my forthcoming memoir entitled, Seduced By a River which almost got the subtitle: One Woman’s Determination To Have A Sexy Marriage or Die Trying.

And since I’m still alive to write about it, I thought I’d share what I’ve learned.

In this reading I highlight excerpts for my memoir and blog related to having a sexy marriage such as the metaphorical concept of The Mistress (yes, you can be monogamous and have a mistress) and the term I’ve affectionately dubbed as Wife (or Husband) Trashing.

This reading is a sexy reminder of what a gift it is to have a life partner. Come, be inspired and find new ways to unwrap each other.

Contact me at if you would like to host a Date Night event in your home or restaurant. I envision working with hosts/chefs to cater their Date Night refreshments/menu with the food and drink mentioned in the reading.