Your Sexy Self

Sexy Lining

Posted by on Jun 24, 2015

I try to find the sexy lining in every cloud. But I am having a really hard time with this one: stomach cancer is raging like a deadly hurricane through my father’s body, reducing the robust 200- pound man of my childhood to a mere 130 pounds.  As soon as I arrive to my parent’s home in Michigan and see him convalescing in his Lazy boy chair, I notice how the weight reduction has made his smile that much bigger, despite the fact that he is being racked with hiccups that have been plaguing him for over a week, making it impossible for him and my mother to sleep at night. I drop to my knees...

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Two Kinds of Ecstasy

Posted by on Oct 7, 2014

  I am suspended in hot water beneath a moonlit sky. The diameter of our cedar, wood- fired hot tub is such that I can rest the back of my neck on one side and my feet on the other, so only my breasts and pubis and are exposed to the October night air The waxing moon has already started it’s decent towards the mountains to the west and is perfectly framed between the branches of two bare aspen trees.  Golden leaves still cling to the trees beside the hot tub, their gentle percussive in the intermittent breeze sounds like a thousand delicate hands clapping, as If I’m being applauded for...

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Sexy Thrift

Posted by on Jul 11, 2014

I went shopping for some lingerie the other day. True, I have a drawerful (that probably needs some fung shui-ing again) but I wanted something different, something summery and sexy for a rendezvous with my man who has been off flirting with one of his favorite rivers for the past two weeks. Did I shop at Agent Provacateur? I wish. Victoria Secret? Uh no. I went here:   This wasn’t my first foray into thrifty lingerie. And it won’t be my last because I scored a coral-colored silk Victoria Secret gown for $2.50 (It was marked $4.99 but it was Half Off Saturday).  For that price I...

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Sexy Pause

Posted by on Jun 20, 2014

I was holding my own ponytail as I bowed down to the porcelain goddess. You: Why are you blogging about something so incredibly unsexy?  Me:  Because if you look hard enough, there’s always a sexy lining. Keep reading. I was probably on the tenth cycle of slow- building nausea and feverish chills but it was the worst round yet because I had nothing left to purge. Nothing that is, but bile. Even though there was no one around to hear me but my dog, I felt so desperate that I actually said out loud, “Please. Stop.” And I heard my plea echo back to me in this husky, wise voice. Please stop. It...

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Sexy Mentor Survey

Posted by on Jan 7, 2014

Last week I promised the wisdom of The Queens. But then the snow gods bestowed twenty-four inches of champagne powder on the mountains by my home and my Inner Ski Bum kind of, like omigod totally, took over my life.  Because plunging clit first through that most magical of mediums amidst a tribe of silver-barked aspens is one of the most ecstatic things I do. But I did manage to survey a couple Sexy Queens who incidentally are a little hard to track down.  They aren’t exactly waiting by the phone for someone like me to call and ask them how they’ve managed to stay so sexy.  They are out...

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