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Tech Savvy Sexy

Posted by on Jun 7, 2014

I’ve blogged before about the power of writing down what you want. So here is my latest sexy intention writ large: I want to be Tech Savvy Sexy. I want to get aroused by the idea of watching tutorials on how to use WordPress, MailChimp , Windows 8 and… this is embarrassing to admit…Microsoft Office.  The thought of getting my Christmas card list (which is now a collection of ragged-edged return addresses crammed into a shoe box) on a labels program?  I get wet at the thought of such sexy efficiency. I’m going to be squirming in my office chair because I am having so much fun engaging on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.  I’ve had a taste:  Once after posting on Google+, a tango dancer from Mozambique was enjoying my blog while he was traveling in Europe.  That was pretty sexy. Research a new phone that will have the latest greatest video and camera features?  My bud of erectile tissues will get hard at the thought. Learn how to make, edit and post videos so I can read you some of my erotic essays?  That’s a learning curve I want to trace with the tip of my tongue. And the climax:  Learn all about electronic publishing so you, my beloved readers, can download one of my stories for your sexy self or to share with your lover. May I effortlessly manifest this or something better.   Sexy Prod: What do you want so much you are willing to write it down in the comments to help it manifest it?      ...

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Rhymes With Sexy

Posted by on Jun 21, 2013

How about some sexy poetry this week? This one, by Kaylin Haught, is kind of sassy: God Says Yes to Me I asked God if it was okay to be melodramatic and she said yes I asked her if it was okay to be short and she said it sure is I asked her if I could wear nail polish or not wear nail polish and she said honey she calls me that sometimes she said you can do just exactly what you want to Thanks God I said And is it even okay if I don’t paragraph my letters Sweetcakes God said who knows where she picked that up what I’m telling you is Yes Yes Yes So Sweetcakes, what are you saying Yes Yes Yes to this...

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Orgasmitivity Part I

Posted by on Jan 2, 2013

One of my favorite essays from my erotic memoir is a yogic self pleasuring piece, the one I had the privilege of reading at last year’s Seattle Erotic Arts Festival.  But two friends who have read and critiqued my manuscript, have questioned its authenticity, namely the number of orgasms. Really? reads a comment from a friend in the Pacific Northwest, Another one? This may be hard for people to believe, wrote a friend on the East Coast.  I need a power tool of a vibrator to have any hope of achieving an orgasm and you have several doing yoga naked on your deck alone?  This may be another book but I want to know more about that. And then another friend e-mailed and wanted to know more about those full-body, sensual orgasms I wrote about in this post. So let’s kick off Blog Me Sexy 2013 by talking about orgasmativity, being more orgasmic with life, shall we? I am by no means a scholar or an expert on orgasms (but wouldn’t that be a fun master’s degree?) but I can share with you my experience on becoming more orgasmic. I have to do this in a three- part series though because this is much too big and important of a topic for one blog post. And as always, I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts, comments and experiences on the topic. If you are a little shy, believe me, my Inner Catholic girl totally gets that. Give your sexy self a pen name and don’t share an e-mail address in the comments. You may be surprised at what she/he has to say. I always am. Sexy Prod: Write down your sexy intentions for 2013. Any passions you want to pursue? Sexy places you want to go?  New lovers you hope to attract?  Books you hope to publish? Share a few in the comments~that kind of boldness always boosts the mainfestation...

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Touch Of Joy

Posted by on Aug 8, 2012

Writer’s conferences are sexy. Imagine it:  Hundreds of creative, passionate people from every genre hanging out together for three days to discuss the craft.  If you want to talk to one of them, all you have to do is walk up and ask them what they are working on. It’s so easy. After three days of this you start to believe you are social gifted and charismatic because every conversation you have is so incredibly engaging. At lunch on the last  day, I looked up and found myself captivated by a fifty-something woman sitting two seats over.  She wore her hair short and red and adorned herself in green. Her chartreuse -colored shirt dazzled under the flourescent lights. I was drawn to her like a bee to a flower.  I landed in the chair beside her and “You are fabulous” spilled from my lips. I absolutely love the purity of flirting with heterosexual women. She’s smiled at me with aquamarine eyes. “That’s funny,” she  said. “I was just thinking the same thing about you.” In five minutes, we figured out that we both wrote memoir and we both studied the healing arts.  As the conference hall emptied around us for the afternoon workshops, she took one of my hands in both of hers and held it. I closed my eyes and felt her sparkling energy flowing up my forearm like a spring breeze. I stilled for the first time in three days. Her name? Joy. Sexy Prod: Any fun flirtations lately? Tell me about it in the...

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Sexy Manifesto

Posted by on Feb 9, 2012

The foreword to my memoir reads like this:  In 2001, I was with the wrong man for all the right reasons. He was a nice guy.  He loved my dog.  He made me laugh. But the passion and emotional commitment that was lacking in our relationship made me cry as well. After seven years we had never followed through on the engagement and we were no longer living together.  But neither one of us could quite let go. I sought solace in yoga and meditation and let go of my obsession of trying to figure things out. I started channeling all my longing and sexual fantasies into an erotic romance novel.  My female protagonist had not one, but two, sexy men of the West vying for her attention.  A year into the draft of that story, a ruggedly handsome adventurer walked into my yoga studio.  He was a mind-blowing manifestation of the heroic qualities of both my male leads blended into one… Pretty soon after that, I abandoned the novel and started writing erotic essays. My point? WRITE DOWN WHAT YOU WANT. I’m continually amazed by the power of a written intention. My novel manifested my man.  My erotic essays have sustained my passionate marriage. And this blog! I am always thinking about sensual topics to blog about now. I vibrate at a much sexier frequency now than I did in October. That is just the way the universe works. Energy flows where intentions goes. For example, a few weeks ago I was working on a blog post about my first erotica reading last spring at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival.  Before I even posted it, two women friends approached me and asked me to do an erotica reading for a women’s gathering. Coincidence?  I think not. The reading is this weekend.  I can hardly wait to tease, tease, tease.  I plan to leave these Northeast Oregonian women begging for more which will drive me to stay on task with researching (yawn) publishing options. So things are really starting to simmer here at the sexy manifestation blog. This week I’m inviting you to jump in the pot. What are you ready to manifest? Write it down. You can scribble it in your journal or tack it on your fridge like you’ve probably done in the past. But, The Powers That Be love and respond to boldness. Go ahead and give your empowered, sexy self a pen name and unveil your deepest desire in the comments sections. Every time you read my weekly offering, make a comment, share my website with a friend or ‘like’  it on Facebook, you are supporting my vision. I’d love to do the same for you.  Besides, I’d like to get to know you. Tell me: What makes you wet, what makes you hard, just thinking about it? And then get ready to show up when it starts happening. That’s all for this week.  I have an erotica reading to prepare. Sexy Link: The classic book on Creative Visualization from Shakti Gawain is an oldie but a goodie.  If you know of any others, please enlighten me in the comments...

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