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Sexy Excerpts: Night School

Posted by on Mar 12, 2018

When I was growing up there was no YA genre so I was left to devour my mom’s romance novels and my dad’s spy thrillers.  The story line didn’t really matter.  I was after the sex scenes. They rarely delivered. So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered the erotica genre in my late twenties. But to this day I am absolutely thrilled when I find a well- written, sexy, sex scene. Check out this one from the Jack Reacher novel, Night School: They went to her bedroom, where she climbed on top. She rode him like a cowgirl, but facing him again, hips forward, shoulders back, head up, eyes closed. The diamonds swung and bounced. Her arms were behind her, like the first time, held out out away from her body, her wrists bent, her hands open, her palms close to the bed, hovering, skimming an invisible cushion of air, as if she was balancing. Which she was.  She was balancing on a single point, driving all her weight down through it, rocking back and forth, easing side to side, chasing sensation, and finding it and losing it, and finding it again, all the way to the breathless end. This scene left me breathless at the end.  I had to read it over and over again.  Bravo Lee...

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